About me

I was born in Israel in 1970. I have always loved to learn and pass on. In 1998 I finished with honors my master’s degree in philosophy in New York. Passionate about human nature, I start my career in teaching, tourism and art.

In 2000, I relocated to France. I found an occupation that mixes the transmission of knowledge and the transformation of housing. For 30 years I have supported young apprentices and professional integration. In 2006 I opened Electori LTD which gave me the competence of business manager.

I am a single father of two boys.  After my separation, I made the decision to make coaching my main job. In 2018 I finished my RNCP Professional Coach diploma. Since then I have specialized in Educational Coaching, Communication, Transactional Analysis and the Enneagram.

For more information you can consult my CV