About the Avecori Academy

The Avecori Academy is a registered institute of continuing education. It was founded by Ori Davidovich in 2017 because communication is one of the most important life skills, and yet it was not on the syllabus when you went to school. We tend to take communication for granted, but in fact we are not conscious about what we actually want to say and why we want to say it.  

Ori was born in Haifa. He has a master’s degree in philosophy from Hunter college, New York.  He is a Certified coach in France, a mentor on second career, and trainer on communication and personality. He gives online self-development courses and group coaching in English, French and Hebrew.  

Why join the Academy?

Having a deeper understanding of perception, cognition and language, alongside clear strategies of active listening and effective communication can make the difference in your relationships and your ability to be a leader in your community.  

About the training course 

The training course joins caring communication, roadmap to personality, and practical tools, aimed at reinforcing a successful mindset alongside family cohesion and life balance. 

What you get


Practice: You will establish new habits.

Case study: We will examine your personal examples. 

Knowledge: You will get more practice tools.  

Understanding: We will cover the topic in greater depth.

Questions and answers: You will have more time for reflection and discussion. 


Language: All our courses and support available in both English and French​.

Time​: Basic training 3 Months program, Advanced 6 month. ​

Certification: Continuous education certificate​.

Delivery​: Full adoption for an online training and support​.

Classroom: Adjustment for individual or group training​.



Getting growth mindset and mindfulness

  • Using emotions effectively
  • Understanding personality
  • Change management and resilience


Talk to being heard

  • Meeting needs and effective demand
  • Energy levels and service
  • Pull out of stress, push into one’s potential
  • Positive language


Showing up for your community

  • Family
  • Relationship
  • Workplace

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