Parcours professionnel

How my clients describe me

Open-minded, energetic, empathetic, enthusiastic, creative.

Professional experiences

30 years of guidance:

  • Mentoring and training, 7 apprentices from 7 months up to 4 years, building trade skills and getting into professional life, at Electori- Genay
  • Guiding many interns and trainees in a 1 to 4 week discovery course.
  • Integration to working life at Tremplin Batiment – Lyon
  • High School Teacher – Chehter High School, New Jersey USA
  • Educator, Israel


  • 14 years business management of Electori: customer relations, administration, accounting, taxation, labor law, HR, site coordination and project management.
  • 6 years studio manager of IK Art, Soho, New York: customer relationship, development, project management.
  • Various experiences as a team leader and project manager in construction and tourism.


The Keys of Coaching, Coaching Ways, 2017-2018.

  • Integrate the posture and master the 11 skills of the Professional Coach according to ICF (International Coach Federation).
  • Professional Coach Diploma obtained, RNCP level II : Master degree by the French Ministry of Labor, (equivalent to bac + 4).
  • The course is certified ACTP by the ICF.


Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, Honors Program, Hunter College, City University of New York, Diploma obtained Summa Cum Laude, 1993 – 1998.

  • Approved in France as equivalent to a Master degree in Philosophy Level II Bac + 4.
  • Diploma obtained Summa Cum Laude.
  • Solid and extensive knowledge in the fields of philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, human nature and its development.

Bachelor of Arts - CUNY.jpg

Educational Coaching, Coaching Ways, 2018.

  • Keys to answer the challenges of young people in school.
  • The skills and tools of coaching and the knowledge for understanding adolescents and young adults.


Educator and guide, 1989.

  • In-depth knowledge of methods of education and learning.
  • Guiding/Animation/Organization of small and large groups of activities.