Ori was the right brain and the right soul, my brain and my soul needed. My sessions with Ori were a spirit lift full of wisdom humor and constantly equipped me with simple, actionable insights. The process was relatively short and very efficient. I still can’t thank him enough for helping me make my life what they are now. I recommend!

Oded, 48,  Business Manager in a multinational media company

“I met Ori when I was in a difficult and depressive time in my life. I closed a company in which I had been working with my wife for 10 years because of economic difficulties. During this period, relations with my wife became unbearable. With Ori I slowly rediscovered the joy of life, the energy of taking initiatives and seeing things as they are without drama. Since then I have separated from my wife, changed a place of life, and started a new interesting professional career. I especially began to look at life with optimism. I recommend Ori to anyone who asks questions or is afraid to make important decisions in their lives. Or to all those who just need to remember the small but important pleasures of life. “

Amir, 51, ecological engineer in the marine environment


“Ori is a very intelligent person who gets to know the person and her needs. He listens and enjoys exchanging on all subjects, there is no taboo. It helped me regain self-confidence, become aware of the woman I am and my potential that I did not exploit. Ori taught me that it was necessary to live for oneself and to have pleasure, to transmit around me this joy. He also helped me to make a case and still advises me today on the education of my three teenagers. I highly recommend Ori’s support, he is open-minded and seeks to bring out what is best for us. “

Sabine, 43, Housemistress


“What can I say? To have crossed his path resembles a gift that has been made to me. When I met Ori, I lived my life in a latent immobilism since 1997, when my father died. I could not move on. His guidance and his words were precious. What he forced me to face, the reality in front of me, was not always simple. I am resistant … My years of analysis made me understand it.

Ori is a humanist, a man of unusual values, with remarkable human qualities. It has a finesse of analysis, an understanding of being in its entirety and in its complexities that are specific to it. I met him when I was out of breath. Step by step, with the patience of a goldsmith, he allowed me to surpass myself. To overcome all the blockages I had built for almost two decades. A few months later, I look behind my shoulder and I have made so much way, I finally managed to get rid of all these “balls” to which I had chained myself. When I look where I am, I think it was a gift, even though these changes were not easy to generate, it persevered. I am so grateful. With my simple words and to summarize, THANK YOU … “

Sandra G., 42, Executive Assistant


“When I met Ori, I was in a dead end. Nothing was going on in my relationship or in my work. I made the others responsible for my illness. I had lost confidence in myself, in my judgment. Through listening and questioning, I learned to refocus, to clarify my desires and to make the necessary changes. It made me realize that I had to act in my life and not suffer it. Today I have regained a balance that allows me to achieve the objectives I have set myself. I will not hesitate to call again to Ori. I recommend him. “

Corinne, 48, Store Manager

“I can testify today Ori’s accompanying life skills. Indeed, it brought me listening and support in a period of my life when I had to mourn a spouse, a “united family” during my separation. He taught me how to better manage my emotions. With his presence along with my journey, I regained self-confidence and found the assurance that I had lost. To this day, I have a professional project which, it seems, makes me bubbly and enthusiastic! “

Isabelle, 51, Managing a guest house


“With his culture, his different origins and his broad life experiences, both personal and professional, Ori has gained a very interesting open mind and analytical capacity. His way of functioning and thought completely jostled my vision and opened my mind. It made me aware of the uselessness of superfluity, of sophistication, and therefore of the importance of returning to the essential, natural and authentic.

Thanks to his presence, his listening and our different discussions, Ori helped me to reassess my self-esteem, made me aware of who I am, and how to take care of myself. “

Catherine 53 years old – Administrative Assistant


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A couple came to see me.

Both in their fifties, with a successful professional career as well as their parenting life, they are not beginners in life. After 5 years of relationship they realized that communication did not flow so easily. Despite obvious love, they too often found themselves upset and with the feeling of being misunderstood. Their goal has been to understand each other.

They were very reluctant to share their difficulties with me. The day after their 1st meeting, 3 hours of support with only an introduction to the Enneagram, they were relieved to find a more serene dialogue and understood how each other worked. They didn’t wait until the end of the accompaniment to describe their first experience on google to you. They have taken the initiative and the courage to expose themselves to the whole world, so that you too can discover the benefits of this work.

You don’t have to suffer to learn to communicate better. Getting involved in the person you share your life with seems obvious to me. Is it not ?

Beranger et Marc.PNG


“An extremely rich, surprising and very accurate experience. To discover absolutely, I am delighted.”


“A remarkable experience.

How to do when a couple moves away inexorably under the effect of a mutual incomprehension?

Ori helped us each understand how he and each other works. It all suddenly became so obvious! Everything has become so simple! The dark clouds had dissipated and we finally speak the same language!

A big thank you to Ori Davidovich, his finesse and accuracy of analysis put an end to a lot of sadness.”


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*If you would like to contact directly one of my clients please put up a request for their personal contact information.